1. Representing Employers at the CCMA/ Bargaining Councils 
2. Drafting Policy and Procedures documentation:

  • Employment Policy
  • Disciplinary Code and Procedures Policy
  • Grievance Procedures Policy
  • Performance Appraisal Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • HIV Policy
  • E-mail Policy

3. All documents and standard forms in respect of the above-mentioned
4. Drafting of Memorandum of Contract of Employment for all Employees
5. Registration of Workman’s Compensation
6. All UIF registration procedures for the Company as well as the employees
7. Advice and handling of the following:

  • Labour disputes
  • Labour Administration (HR)
  • Procedures under the Labour legislation

8. Dealing with all conciliations on behalf of the employer under the auspices of a:

  • Bargaining Council
  • CCMA

9. Representing the employer at:

  • Conciliations & Arbitrations
  • Applications and the opposing of matters in the Labour Court

10. The dealing with any trade union and relevant actions
11. Labour/ Industrial Relations: 

  1. Disciplinary Hearings - Verdicts & Recommendations/ Penalty
  • Polygraph Tests
  • Performance/ Appraisals' Management
  • Personal Management
  • Handling of all Grievance and disciplinary hearing where the status of the employee may change
  • Negotiations
  • Retrenchments
  • Dealing with illegal/ legal strikes 
  • Dealing with Union Activities
  • Other:
  1. Employment Equity Reports (EEA)
  2. Work Skills Plan (WSP) 
  3. BEE Ratings and Planning